Sunday, February 3, 2013


This is the second part of the "COVER MUSIC FROM HUNGARY WEEKEND" on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2013. Let's check out these great cover videos of Hungarian musicians!

A "COVER MUSIC FROM HUNGARY WEEKEND" névre keresztelt kis kétnapos sorozatunk második napjának összefoglalója itt látható. Köszönjük mindenkinek a segítséget a gyűjtemény összeállításában!

Norma Jean - Blueprints For Future Homes dual guitar cover by Zoltán Rezsőfi from ORION DAWN and Zoltán Tomasovszki from ex H.E.R.O. Enjoy, great music!

If you like Parkway Drive, you will love this vocal cover. It is „Deliver Me” again by Adrián Miskolczi. He is the singer of the metal/hardcore band Let The Water Rise from Szekszárd. Cannot wait for their single!

Róbert Varga and Andor Dobos playing "Meddler" by August Burns Red. They both play guitar in the band Awaken Prometheus. This band was formed in 2012 and they gonna give out some studio stuff very soon.

Another vocal & acoustic cover. A classic song by Saosin. This is „Seven Years” by Dávid Nemes, bassist of the Hungarian electrocore band, Claps for Caroline. They released their first album last year and now they are workin’ on their upcoming EP.

Here is a great video by Milán Jesenszky: „The Smoke Owl”. He plays drums for the band Absolved, a metalcore/ deathcore band from Budapest. They are workin’ on their EP now, and will drop out this year!

Tamás Alföldi, guitarist for CoreWooD playing a song from Killswitch Engage. "My Curse" guitar cover for you now!

András Szabó presents a „Structures In Pursuit Of” drum cover. He is the drummer in a Hungarian metalcore band called Behind My Mind. The band was formed in March of 2011. After lot of rehearsals and the debut show, the band started to write their debut album. In March of 2012 arrived a new age for the band, they released their first album called „Where We Can Fly”.

A Ready For The Weekend cover for the song „Hit The Lights - Her Eyes Say Yes”. The band comes from Esztergom and they do some fresh pop-punk. Check them out.

Örs Siklósi and his cover for Foo Fighters - Best Of You. Örs is the singer of the band AWS. Let's check them out too!

First cover video by Attila Németh and Arián Erdélyi performing „Gotta Be Somebody” from Nickelback. Yes, you know Attila from Turn Of Mind. At the end of 2012 this band released a new music video for the song "Loud Enough" from their upcoming 3rd album, releasing in 2013.

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